Happy Thanksgiving

Today the kids made hats, learned about Thanksgiving, played games, and we even made butter! They then tried a couple types of bread with the butter and we made a picture graph indicating which bread they liked best. The kids helped think of a couple ideas to add to our graph about the data. I hope everyone enjoys the extra time with their kids and have a happy, safe Thanksgiving. 



3rd Grade Book Buddies

Each Friday, Mrs. Pearson’s third grade class visits with us for our book buddy time. Sometimes they bring books to read to us, and other times they bring their computers and the kids listen to stories online. This is something we look forward to each week. And it’s great to see former kindergarteners now as third graders reading to my class. 



Hard at Work

Here are a few pictures of the kids working on I-ready on the computers and other kids playing a new math game called Fill the Cup.  This game was fun as they practiced one to one counting, being a good partner, and sharing.