We have been studying bears this week. Teddy bear day was a great day! Some things they did with their bears were read together, listen to a story, wrote about their bear, sorted them into different groups, measured them, and daily activity time together. The next day, we continued with our bear theme and conducted a gummy bear experiment in which the kids shared observations and made predictions. They also graphed the colors of gummy bears they were given. Finally, the kids worked in small groups to create posters with information about brown bears and polar bears. They did a fantastic job working together! 



Indoor recess

Here’s a peek at some of the things we do for indoor recess. Even though we are stuck inside, we still have fun!



Subtracting Teeth

To practice subtracting, students were given a picture of a boy or a girl with 10 teeth. The students rolled a dice and colored in that many teeth. Then, they wrote the subtraction sentence to show how many teeth were left. This activity was funny and helped reinforce those subtraction skills. Good job, kids!