Ladybug Land

Our ladybug larva has arrived! Over the next several days, the kids will be observing the larva and will see how they change from larva, to pupa, to adult ladybugs. Then, they will be set free and can begin being helpful. Ask your child how ladybugs can help!



Seed in a jar

After studying spring and plants, we are trying to grow a seed in a jar. The seed is a “mystery seed” since we are not sure what kind it is and was obtained from a fellow teacher. We put wet cotton balls in the jar and placed it by the window. We hope to see roots growing soon and then a sprout. Keep your fingers crossed that it works!



Yarn shapes

As part of our geometry unit, students are learning about 2-dimensional shapes and their attributes. The kids worked in small groups to create different shapes, focusing on making straight sides and the correct number of vertices. Each group was given a long piece of yarn to make shapes such as triangles, trapezoids, squares, rectangles, and circles.