Finishing up the Year

We only have a couple weeks left of our kindergarten year. I’m proud of the kids and all their hard work. There isn’t anything that will need printed, the last few days have activities and a few online things to complete.  Thanks for a great year!

Last 3 days of New Learning: May 11th-13th

Last few days of school: May 14th-May 21st


April 20-24 Learn at Home

This is the packet of work and activities for the week of April 20-24th. We are reading and listening to several books by Mo Willems, who is my favorite children’s author. We also continue with 2d shapes, then will move on to 3d shapes next week. Thanks for all your support with your children’s learning, I appreciate all that you do!

April 20-24 Learn at Home packet


Fun Math Ideas

If you would like some additional ideas for your child to try at home, check this out. These are not “must-do” activities while we are learning at home, but just other ideas for you in case you are wanting more.

Make Math Fun


Hallway bulletin board

I’m so proud of the progress your kids have made in their writing. Every other Friday, the publishing shop at school is open. When they publish their first book, I take their picture and hang it up in the hallway.


The Q U Wedding

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with the wedding of Q and U. Afterwards, the kids had a special snack and passed out their cards to each other. It was a great time!